Brian Jeffs is the original co-host of Saturday Afternoon Shootout (SAS), an internet talk show produced by Flint Talk Radio which was recorded live in Flint, Michigan.  Brian and his co-hosts, guests and callers discussed gun rights, civil rights and issues of personal freedom and liberty. In September of 2012 Nate Nephew joined Brian as co-host, replacing the show’s creator and former co-host Jerry Brewer.
Nate Nephew joined Saturday Afternoon Shootout as a co-host in September 2012 and brought a political bent to an already charged talk show. After Nate joined SAS the show increased in viewers and chat room participation.
In September of 2012 Brian and Nate created another internet talk show called At Odds. The show features political talk from Brian and Nate, two self-proclaimed wise-guys. Each host brings his own political perspective which allows thoughtful debate and analysis on all the latest news and politics.
During each show Brian and Nate try to educate as well as entertain their audience with thought provoking opinions and a humorous slant on local, state and national politics, as well as topics that may not be politically correct.
Brian and Nate are co-authors of a pro-gun children’s book called My Parents Open Carry.  The book is bout the right to self-defense, open carry and the importance of our 2nd Amendment. To date this is the only children’s book that discusses the right to open carry a handgun.  They are also co-founders of Michigan Open Carry, Inc, a non-profit group with a mission to bring gun ownership out of the closet, particularly by increasing awareness through legally openly carried firearms.

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